Tuesday Tidbits

1. On Saturday we did some volunteering.

2. There will be a Doctor Who Season 7 Premiere Screening in New York on August 25th. For those of you who are going, just know that I’m totally jealous.

3. If the cast shows up for the premiere, my jealousy will be multiplied by a thousand.

4. Have you heard that new Taylor Swift song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? I’m kinda digging it.

5. My hubby and I went to his co-worker’s hat & tie party. They had this.

6. Another podcast under the Nerdist umbrella that’s pretty cool is Sex Nerd Sandra. Sandra Daugherty is a sex educator who talks about everything relating to sex, including relationships, anatomy, getting tested for STDs, how to attract a potential partner, etc. It’s a very educational and fun podcast to listen to.

7. My 3-year-old now says au revoir when my husband leaves for work.

8. I think that means we should take a trip to Paris in a couple of years.

9. Would you walk 500 miles?

Have a brilliant week!


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