Tuesday Tidbits

1. We went to a baby shower on Sunday. My husband kept our youngest entertained while we were waiting for more guests to arrive.

2. Doctor Who Season 7 premiere is THIS SATURDAY!!!

3. I LOVE the dress Karen Gillan wore to the New York premiere.

4. A Star Wars dress I would actually wear.

5. Are you watching The Great Food Truck Race? My fave team so far: Seoul Sausage.

6. I haven’t had one of these in such a long time.

7. Do you guys have any plans for Labor Day weekend? I think we’re going to do some cleaning and grocery shopping. Oh yeah. We live a glamorous life.

8. I totally missed last Friday’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model. Don’t worry. I set my DVR to record the rest of the season.

9. Finally had the time to finish reading this Pride and Prejudice graphic novel. Now I want to watch the movie.

10. Ryan Sohmer (of the webcomics The Gutters, Looking for Group, and Least I Could Do) needs your help in funding the publishing of his book, The Bear. This unbelievably adorable book would be the perfect present for parents and parents-to-be. (I wasn’t able to embed the video here so please watch at it on his kickstarter page.)

11. Such a catchy Taylor Swift tune.

Have a brilliant week!


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