Tuesday Tidbits


2. I think my youngest got a little scared when I started screaming with joy.

3. Moms – If you have some time to spare, I highly recommend reading this article. Then get in the picture.

4. Marching band + video games = one awesome performance.

5. How cool is this Frankenweenie cake from Sprinkle Bakes?

6. Some food at Shirokiya that I want to try the next time we’re there.

7. The season 4 premiere of Community is being delayed. Sad panda.

8. If you ever need a good laugh, check out Ugly Face Wednesdays.

9. In full agreement with Michael Cina.

10. Cheesy Avocado Bacon Poutine? Heck yes.

11. I just can’t get enough of Pentatonix.

Have a brilliant week!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

    • When I read the article I was totally thinking the same thing. I’m going to try and be in more pictures with my kids while they’re still are okay with me being around. 🙂

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