Tuesday Tidbits

1. My sister and I took NINE kids to the beach yesterday. Yeah. We’re a bit crazy.

2. I wasn’t able to take a picture of all the kids at the same time.

3. Chris Hardwick’s stand-up special, Mandroid, is pretty hilarious.

4. I loved Wreck-It Ralph. Smart. Funny. Geeky. Heart warming.

5. How cute was the Sugar Rush world? I totally want to dress up as Vanellope von Schweetz for Halloween next year.

6. This little guy made my sister and I freak out when it started to climb out of the bucket.

7. Anyone else watch the Firefly: Browncoats Unite? So good.

8. That secret about Inara totally breaks my heart.

9. Who else is excited for the release of The Hobbit?

Have a brilliant week!


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