Wanderlust: Tokyo

Hello there my lovely internet family! How was your holidays? Are you all ready to take on 2013 with great gusto? I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I think I’d like to kind of waltz into the new year. Maybe take a couple of days or so to get into the full swing of things. Any other procrastinators with me on this?

So, you all know how I love traveling. I would totally marry it if I could. Well, I thought I’d share with you some of the places I either love to visit or would love to visit one day. And if any of you perhaps work with an airline/travel company that would like to send this wee blogger on a trip somewhere, anywhere (except for Antarctica), I’ll be happy to oblige. 

Tokyo, Japan. I want to go to there.

If I ever go I definitely want to check out the Harajuku district.

And eat lots of food, of course.

Photo Credit
{Top} Jeroen P via photopin cc 
{Middle} Marxpix via photopin cc 
{Bottom} weslie.leung via photopin cc


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