Tuesday Tidbits

1. I got my REFIT DVD! If you like Zumba/dance fitness that’s easy to follow and uses family friendly (some Christian) music, I highly recommend it.

2. The REFIT gals also raised enough money to run a facilitator program. So excited for that!

3. When we’re in Waikoloa after Christmas we usually go up to Waimea at least once. On our most recent trip we played at a park up there for a bit.

4. Some of you may know that I’ve been writing for Aiming Low on their Comic Relief Roster. Well, they’ve asked me to become an official Aiming Low Writer and I said yes. What this means – I’ll be writing posts for them on a more regular basis.  If you haven’t checked out Aiming Low yet you totally should. All the other writers are extremely talented and funny. Seriously. Like chocolate-milk-shooting-out-of-your-nose funny.

5. Okay, so chocolate milk shooting out of your nose may not be very funny to you, but it’s probably hilarious to those around you. Plus, it kinda hurts.

6. One of my friends told me that Saves The Day is coming out with a new album later this year. Huzzah!

7. Goats. On the golf course in Waikoloa.

8. It’s not weird that I’m already thinking of places to visit when we go to Europe (Germany, Paris, & possibly London) next year, right?

9. We’ll be taking the kiddos with us. My biggest concern is the flight but we’ll have to make at least one, maybe two, stops so that will probably help.

10. I ♥ Lea Salonga.

Have a brilliant week!


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