Tuesday Tidbits

1. We finally saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Loved it. Even though it was nearly three hours long it moved at a good pace.

2. My husband is convinced that Gandalf is The Doctor. Why? Well they lie and they’re always saving everyone.

3. She’s so cute. I can’t even stand it.

4. After much hesitation, I actually attempted to make French bread. It turned out pretty delicious.

5. Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate different flavors into the bread, like garlic and Parmesan.

6. Lately I’ve been kind of intrigued with Skyrim. Part of me really wants to try playing it. Another part of me knows that I won’t be able to get any writing done if I do.

7. Stripes are totally in this season.

8. OMG. Love this couch.

9. I’m gonna get this song stuck in your head today. (Skip to 2:02)

Have a brilliant week!


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