Tuesday Tidbits

1.  One of my fellow Aiming Low writers, D.J. Paris, has a new-ish podcast called Bloggers are Weird. Check it out. Funny, funny stuff.

2. Oh and if you’re interested in being a guest writer for Aiming Low, check out how to submit a post  here.

3. Chocolate + Marshmallow Creme + Peanut Butter = Fluffernutter Brownies. Soooo good.

4. Found these at Savers a couple of weeks ago.

5. Every time we put on a Disney movie and she see’s the Cinderella castle, our youngest exclaims, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel!”

6. I don’t really watch daytime TV (except for The Chew which I DVR) but yesterday I happened to be flipping channels and Hugh Jackman was a guest on Katie. When he was talking about his dad, you could practically hear the whole audience go awwww.

7. An audience member asked if he would ever want to play James Bond. Of course he said yes.

8. Then Katie and Hugh started singing show tunes. When he sung Singing in the Rain I was totally swooning.

9. If you couldn’t already tell, I kinda have a crush on him.

10. And here he is in chaps.

Have a brilliant week!


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