Tuesday Tidbits

1. Took our girls to the park yesterday and we saw this.

Chickens at the park. We live in a predominately Filipino neighborhood.

2. Are you or anyone you know looking for an officiant for your Oahu civil union or wedding? My friend Vicky DeMercer is an awesome one. She has super reasonable rates, is willing to travel anywhere on Oahu, and can fully customize the officiating for your ceremony. Let me know if you’d like more information on how to contact her.

3. I’ve found yet another Halloween costume idea: Fionna the Human. My husband can dress up as Marshall Lee.

4. I think I’m finally getting over my cold. Huzzah!

5. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

6. Just a sneak peek of this Thursday’s post.

Yes. That’s a picture of me taking a picture.

7. Oh and that clip in my hair? It was made with Hello Kitty fabric by my friend Jeanette. For my girls.

8. What? You don’t share hair accessories with your daughters?

9. I totally agree with this print.

10. I triple dog dare you to NOT jump around or think about Mrs. Doubtfire.

Have a brilliant week!


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