Tuesday Tidbits

1. Do you live on Oahu, love to cosplay, and would like to be featured on my blog? I’m thinking about doing a monthly photographic column featuring some awesome cosplay. If you or anyone you know might be interested in volunteering for this project, please send me an email.

2. Took this picture when the hubby and I went walking around Chinatown a couple of weeks ago.

3. So I didn’t really watch The Oscars but I did see JGL dance in the opening number.

4. This is a great post by Gala Darling about investing in yourself.

5. If I can save enough money by Christmas I’m going to finally get myself a DSLR camera.

6. I’m teaching my girls to call my 2-week-old nephew Chalupa Batman. My 2-year-old just calls him Batman.

7. Am I too old for a tulle skirt? I really want to buy one.

8. This print totally belongs in my kitchen.

9. Is it weird to have business cards for your blog? Thinking about getting some made after I’m done with my blog redesign.

10. Justin. Suit & Tie. YES.

Have a brilliant week!


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