Tuesday Tidbits

1. So I started playing Ingress this past weekend. With my husband’s help I actually got to level 3.

2. Here are a couple of pictures from our Ingress outing.

3. What is totally blowing me away with this game is Niantic’s approach to marketing.

4. If you’re playing, I’m on the Enlightened side and my current code name is ClaraOswald. I’ve sent in a code name change request and am hoping to change it to SouffléGirl.

5. When you have the time, be sure to check out Amanda Palmer’s TED talk about The Art of Asking. Very inspiring even if you’re not a musician or artist.

6. The most recent episode of The Walking Dead was one of the heaviest I’ve ever seen. Really good but also very sad at the same time.

7. No video today, just a track. But it’s a good one.

Have a brilliant week!


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