Travel If You Can

One of my loves, you know, besides Doctor Who, baking, sprinkles, and bacon, is travel.

I love not only traveling but the idea of travel.

It’s so much more than just getting in your car or an airplane to go somewhere.

Travel is getting out of your comfort zone.

It’s exploring the unknown.

It’s meeting people who are completely different from you but exactly the same.

It’s experiencing cultures through food.

It’s the thrill of being lost.

It’s finding the unexpected.

It’s seeing the amazing.

It’s learning so much more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

If you can, I urge you all to travel.

And it doesn’t have to be very far.

Travel to the next town or state.

But, I have to say, traveling to other countries can be pretty awesome.

Just go.

See what’s out there.

And maybe, just maybe, you too might fall in love with that temptress we call travel.

Photo by Marcus Hoapili


2 thoughts on “Travel If You Can

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