Wanderlust: Kuala Lumpur

There’s something so familiar yet so otherworldly about Kuala Lumpur.

Photo Credit
Lord Murugan | Trey Ratcliff via photopin cc
The Eye on Malaysia | pjfncs27 via photopin cc
Nyonya Kuih | chotda via photopin cc


5 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Kuala Lumpur

    • I wish I could say that I actually visited Kuala Lumpur but I haven’t. 99.9% of the places for my Wanderlust posts are places that I want to travel to some day. Some of the food and some of the landscape look very similar to things I’ve eaten and places I’ve been to

      • If I had the money I’d love to be able to travel the world. But when you have a family (and especially if you’re a SAHM), it’s a little harder. The one place I’ve been to a couple of times that I’m absolutely head over heels for is Paris. Yes, I know it can be flooded with tourists and stuff but I can’t help myself. There’s just something so magical about that city. I can’t quite explain it. Hope you get to travel somewhere fabulous soon! 🙂

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