Tuesday Tidbits

1. If you ever see a group of people like this, don’t worry. They’re just playing Ingress.

And here’s the Enlightened group that put up the first L8 portal in Hawaii.

2. Umm… so… season finale of The Walking Dead… I did not see that coming. Sad panda.

3. Chad Coleman AND Norman Reedus on Talking Dead… Be still, my heart…

4. I love that Yvette Nicole Brown ships people on The Walking Dead.

5. Had a meeting on Saturday for a future blog project. Kind of excited about it but there are some things I still have to figure out to make sure it all goes smoothly.

6. My husband. He’s so cute.

7. This reminds me of Love Actually.

8. A really cute Hiccup cosplay.

9. This video will only be funny if you play Ingress.

Have a brilliant week!


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