Changing Plans

No matter how much you plan on something, sometimes things just don’t work out.

C’est la vie.

That’s life, people say.

While I believe that, it doesn’t mean that I am immune to the feelings of disappointment that go along with it.

My husband, daughters, and I have the opportunity to travel to Japan this summer with a couple of our good friends, who, lucky for us, speak fluent Japanese. I can’t wait to go because I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. The thrill of being in a new city is something I quite enjoy. 

Although I’m super excited to go to Japan, it means that we won’t be able to go to Europe next year for our 10th wedding anniversary .

Something that I’ve been wanting to do for about seven years.

But, a tiny part of me is still holding out hope that somehow, some way we’ll get an extra $5,000 to be able to make the trip to Europe happen.


If nothing else, I have hope.

Photo by Juliet Batalon


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