Tuesday Tidbits

1. When we went to the zoo a few weeks ago we got to see the lion cubs.

2. Holy cannoli. Khaleesi is freakin’ awesome.

3. If my belly didn’t shake like a bowl full of jelly when I laughed, I would totally cosplay as her.

4. Watching the Doctor Who episode Hide at night was probably not the brightest idea. I’m such a scaredy cat.

5. When I have some extra cash I really want to buy some Eleventh Doctor everyday cosplay pieces. Maybe some suspenders, a bow tie, and black boots.

6. On Sunday we went to the Hawaii Geek Meet.

7. I got to meet a lot of lovely people. It’s always so refreshing to talk with people about their passions and what they geek out over.

8. Sparkly headbands!

9. I really want to eat this burger.

10. For all the bronies out there.

Have a brilliant week!


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